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In 2020 we founded Summit Impact to steward resources and relationships for global change leaders.

We gather exceptional business leaders, academic experts, and creative storytellers to support impact entrepreneurs through collective learning and collaborative action.

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To Accomplish Our Vision We

cultivate innovative leadership

curate trusted connections

facilitate collaboration

Through our unique Summit Impact Labs model, we thoughtfully select cohorts of Summit Fellows and engage the Summit community in year-round collaboration.

Our Areas of Focus
Equity &
of Work

With Summit Fellows as our field experts and guides, Summit Impact Labs activate the power of our network for social good.

The best way to describe what Summit is to me can be summarized in a short phrase: a serendipity accelerator.

Juanjo Ladines
Summit Fellow

The relationships that I have developed through Summit are fulfilling me on a personal and professional level, forever changing the trajectory of my life.

Nathalie Figueroa
Summit Fellow

Knowing that I have access to a network of people, mentors and my fellow's circle, who are keen to help me with my work within the Summit community, gives me a great sense of support and I know I can reach out when needed.

Fariel Salahuddin
Summit Fellow

I feel like I've discovered my tribe.

Peter Nyeko
Summit Fellow

Summit provided me with access to a network that had been cost-prohibitive to me. I appreciate the opportunity to share our work and meet others who have a genuine interest in my wellbeing and success.

Wietse Van Der Werf
Summit Fellow

Summit opened me up to opportunities and ways of thinking that I didn’t even know I needed at the time. Now I can’t imagine going back to where I was before Summit and succeeding in a way that's healthy for me.

Richie Reseda
Summit Fellow

This is my community now - I'm all in.

Kodah Pipitone
Summit Fellow

I love that so much is happening — witnessing the growth and benefitting from the community is a true miracle. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of it.

Jordan Reeves
Summit Fellow

I was very new to America. The support I received from Summit gave me the opportunity to empower myself and bring a healthy and positive impact in my community.

Nasreen Sheikh
Summit Fellow

I am thinking at a level I previously only dreamed about.

Justine Evirs
Summit Fellow

I am 100% confident that I now know or am one step away from what/whoever I need to know to build my vision.

Kevin Kassel
Summit Fellow

Join a nurtured and connected community focused on social impact.

Find your own unique approach to sharing your expertise, your creativity, or your resources.

Live your biggest impact.

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